7 Tips To Ensure You Hire The Best Removalists When Moving Home

There is one critical step you can take when planning a home move that invariably ensures that your moving day goes smoothly. Without any major mishaps, and that is hiring professional and reputable removalists. In most cases, removalists have a wealth of experience when it comes to helping people move to a new home, and if you follow their advice, your home move should be a relatively stress-free experience.

However, to get to that point, you must hire your removalists first; that is where some people get it wrong. They take actions that will not ensure they hire professional removalists, such as hiring a van and co-oping some friends and family to do it. Or they choose the first removalists they come across without researching.

That is not how you ensure you hire the best removalists for your home move. Instead, just as with hiring other professionals such as lawyers or an accountant, you want to do your due diligence and research the removalist companies in your area. Read on, and you will discover seven tips from Brilliance Removalists Perth to help you hire the best for your needs when you move home.

Establish What Your Needs Are First

The first thing you must establish when hiring removalists is not what they do but what you need. Everyone has different needs, including yourself, so consider what services you want removalists to provide. Do you need storage? Do you want them to pack for you? Are they to supply your packing materials? Is your move local, or do you need interstate removalists?

Ask Family And Friends For Recommendations

When looking for professional service, the first port of call is to ask those you know. Online reviews are all good and well, but nothing gives you a better idea of what removalists are worth considering than someone who has already hired them, so ask family, friends, and colleagues who have recently moved home.

Carry Out Effective Research

Whether or not you have any personal recommendations, you must carry out research. That does not mean simply Googling ‘removalists near me’ and clicking the first link. Check the websites of several local removalists, look for reviews on Trustpilot, and make a note of the services each removalist offers.

Create A Shortlist And Contact Each Removalist On It

From your research, you should have a reasonable list of local removalists, and it is now time to start narrowing the list down. Remove any that you cannot find much information on and those that do not offer all the services you need. From your shortlist, call each removalist on it to gain more details on the services they provide. This also indicates their customer service levels based on your interactions with them on those calls.

Ensure You Check What Warranties And Insurance They Provide

One essential piece of information you want from any potential removalists is what they offer regarding warranties and insurance. Bear in mind your belongings, including your furniture, is likely worth thousands of dollars and so you want peace of mind that they are all insured should anything untoward happen to them.

Request Detailed Quotes

The next step is to call back those removalists you think to meet your needs and request that they send you a written quotation. We mean a fully itemised written quotation with any potential additional fees indicated. Never accept a verbal quote over the phone.

Choose The Removalists That Offer What You Need, Not The Cheapest Quote

Considering everything you have established from your research and communications with potential removalists, you should now make your final choice based on your needs, not simply the lowest price.