Should You Be Worried About The Bali Volcano?

If you have recently booked or have been looking at booking a Bali villa, then the recent Bali volcano scare might have crossed your mind. When we travel, we like to know that the places we will be visiting will be safe. Unfortunately, the threat of a volcanic eruption in late 2017 interrupted the travel plans of thousands of people worldwide. Some flights were grounded or interrupted, while the threat of a volcanic disaster prevented many tourists from enjoying their stay in Bali.

Now, months after the event, there is one huge question that remains on people’s minds – what is the chances of the volcano erupting again? Well, keep reading for an answer.

What started the scare?

In the second half of 2017, scientists began to notice increased seismic activity in and around Mount Agung, Bali’s highest volcano. This prompted them to issue volcano warnings for the surrounding area and caution international tourists planning on visiting the island.

Following increasing activity, the alert was increased to the highest level in September 2017, as the volcano appeared likely to erupt any day. However, it didn’t seem to become any more active, even calming down enough for the authorities to reduce the warning level briefly at the start of November.


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