Health Conditions That Can Affect Your Suitability For Dental Implants

Dental implants are a solution to lost and damaged teeth for lots of people and the benefits of them are plentiful. Whether it be to restore confidence as their appearance is improved, or simply so that they can eat properly again, these are just two of the many reasons people opt for dental implants over the other options available.

With regards to suitability, the vast majority of those who want dental implants will be able to have them fitted, however, that unfortunately does not apply to everyone. The successful fitting and use of dental implants require the patient’s jawbone to be in good condition with regards to its strength and density. This is to ensure that any titanium inserts can fuse with it and be embedded securely so that the dental implants have the expected longevity.

Sadly, there are some medical conditions that can cause the density of bones, which includes the jawbone, to be compromised, and as such it could be that the condition of the jawbone does not lend itself to having the necessary inserts embedded in it.


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