5 Benefits of Sleep Dentistry

For some people, the fear of the dentist can be enough to stop you going. While this might be suitable for some months, long-term it can have some severe effects on your oral health. Most dentists recommend having a check-up at least twice a year, and this gives ample time to pick up any problems that could turn into more significant issues without treatment. If you aren’t attending twice-yearly appointments, those small, niggly irritants are bound to grow exponentially bigger.

If you’re one of the one in six Australian adults who suffer from dental anxiety, then sleep dentistry or sedation dentistry, could be for you. Your dentist will put you under a general anaesthetic while they complete your dental work, and you can wake up having never felt any pain or experienced any anxiety. If you believe sleep dentistry could be for you, read on for the many benefits.

1. The dentist can complete the work quicker
If you’re particularly anxious about seeing a dentist, the entire process can take longer. Your dentist checks on how you’re feeling, takes breaks when you need it, and tries to make the process as relaxing as possible. However, if you’re anxious, you may also be prone to fidgeting, and this too can draw out the process. By opting for sedation, your dentist can make quick work of your dental procedure, allowing you to be out and on your way in no time.

2. You don’t feel pain
Aside from caring for your teeth, a dentist’s job is to help you feel as relaxed, with as minimal pain, as possible. With most dental work, however, there can be discomfort felt in both your teeth and gums and no matter how minimal, some people prefer not to feel it at all. From the most straightforward procedure to the most complex, you will feel no pain while you are sedated.

3. You won’t feel fear or anxiety
While most dental appointments are straightforward and are over in just minutes, the fear and anxiety of seeing a dentist can last for weeks leading up to the appointment. Not everyone is comfortable having their teeth worked on, so if you want that fear or anxiety to disappear, sleep dentistry might be for you. All that worry will be gone, and you’ll wake up wondering why you ever felt like that in the first place.

4. You can forget your bad experiences
Many people have painful memories of dentists, dating back to their youth. For that reason, a substantial number of people haven’t seen their dentist since then. As a result of this extended period without dental care, some people may find they require more work to their teeth than anticipated. However, the painful memories can stop them from getting it done.

If bad memories are stopping you from seeing a dentist, rest assured that the sedation method can help you get past the memories. While you’re asleep, you won’t be thinking about the procedures you were made to endure as a child.

5. Experts administer anaesthetic treatment
If you’ve opted for intravenous sedation, this can be delivered by experts at most dental clinics. If you prefer general anaesthetic, this is typically carried out in a hospital. In both cases, the anaesthetic treatment is both administered and monitored by a professional and registered anaesthetist. They ensure it has been delivered at the appropriate level and will make sure the entire process goes smoothly.

Not everyone finds going to the dentist easy, but putting it off is not helping your oral health. If you’re worried about your appointment, get in touch with your dentist and ask about sleep dentistry. It could be the answer to alleviating your fears.