5 Physical Health Benefits Of Axe Throwing

The main reasons why you might participate in axe throwing with family, friends or work colleagues could be the fun and enjoyment that it provides, and we dare say that for many others, that will be the case too. However, given the way in which an axe is thrown, it is also true that axe throwing can provide several benefits for your physical health and overall well-being.

Now, we are not suggesting for a moment that axe throwing is at the same level as jogging, gymnastics, weight training, or yoga when it comes to enhancing your physique, stamina, and suppleness. However, there are several ways that axe throwing can contribute positively to your physical health, and below, you will see that we have highlighted five different ways that it can do so.

Physical Health Benefit #1 – Building Strength And Endurance

If you have ever tried to throw an axe, you will know that it is a heavy object. That weight feels even greater when you have to pull the axe back and then launch it towards your target. The effort required for that action, especially several times during your axe throwing session, is a great boost to your strength as each throw requires working several muscles in your arms, legs, torso, and shoulders. Your endurance is also enhanced, meaning you feel less fatigued after multiple throws.

Physical Health Benefit #2 – Enhanced Balance

Whilst to outsiders, axe throwing might only seem to require strength to throw the axe and accuracy to ensure it hits the middle of the target; the truth is that it needs the person throwing the axe to be well-balanced when they do so. When starting out, your balance might not be perfect during your first few sessions, but as you continue to practice, you will find that your balance is improved greatly as your body learns how it needs to be positioned as you throw the axe each time.

Physical Health Benefit #3 – Cardiovascular Boost

Here, we are not trying to compare the cardiovascular boost from axe throwing to swimming or jogging. However, it most certainly is better than you sitting and watching TV. Each throw of the axe causes your muscles to fire and require energy to be able to throw the axe with the power required. Every time you throw, oxygen needs to be pumped around your body via your bloodstream, and that involves your lungs and heart working and being boosted each axe-throwing session.

Physical Health Benefit #4 – Bolstering Grip Strength

Not only does your grip play a huge role in how well and accurately you throw your axe, but the acts of picking up, gripping, and then throwing your axe help to build the strength of your grip too. This not only benefits you when axe throwing, as there is less chance of feeling any strain within your hand, but it can also help you improve your skills and endurance in other sports where a good grip is paramount, such as tennis. Finally, a strong grip helps prevent wrist and hand injuries.

Physical Health Benefit #5 – Improved Hand-Eye Coordination

There are numerous sports and activities where good hand-eye coordination is necessary, as well as many everyday activities such as driving. Axe throwing presents an enjoyable way for you to develop your hand-eye coordination as your accuracy in terms of hitting the middle of the target increases. Good hand-eye coordination can enhance your performance in other sports where it is needed and for hobbies such as playing a musical instrument or arts and crafts.