9 Tips for Hiring a DJ for Your Event

Almost any event where there will be music, whether a wedding, party or even a corporate event,  needs to also have a DJ to play the music and help guide everything along.  But not all such people are created equal, so you need to put certain practices into place to ensure you get the right type for your specific event. Here are some tips to make sure you do.

  • Choose someone who is experienced and can also do MC duties.
  • Ask if they have a CD or DVD of their work so you can get some idea of their style. You need to know if they take charge, or work on the sidelines along with you. For a wedding, it’s best if they take the latter role, since the bride and groom should be the stars, not the MC.
  • Find out what they charge per hour. This is usually cheaper than a live band, so you’ll save.
  • Ask if they have back-up equipment in case anything goes wrong.

  • Find out what kind of set-up they have and if it has a top quality sound.
  • Ask how many songs are on their playlist and if they are open to playing requests.
  • Find out if they are willing to listen to what you want while still offering creative ideas of their own.
  • If the dj is a true professional, they’ll ask for a consultation before the date of the event so they can discuss particulars with you. They need to be given an itinerary of events and a list of music selections to play. It is also a good idea to list any that you particularly don’t want played.
  • They should give you a signed contract with their name on it, detailing everything that they will be responsible for and including the date and number of hours required. It should also include the deposit you’ll need to pay before the date. This is usually one third of the total, but could be one half.

A professional DJ should have the following talents –

  • An outgoing personality
  • Emcee ability
  • Coordinating skills
  • A sense of pacing and mood
  • The ability to get the crowd onto the dance floor.

As you can see, not everyone has the ability to be a great DJ, which is why it is essential to find out for sure just how skilled and professional they are before you sign in the dotted line. The right person can certainly be a valuable addition to your event, helping your guests to feel at ease and have a really good time while ensuring that the event doesn’t develop any awkward moments.