Top 10 Tips On How To Keep Your Rugs Clean

When most people think about carpet cleaning they tend to consider the main carpets that are laid on floors in commercial and domestic premises. However, they often forget that rugs can require every bit as much attention given that they too are subject to foot flow, spillages, and all the other ways in which carpets get dirty and need to be cleaned.

In fact, as many rugs are put in place in order to protect the carpet underneath them, it is not surprising that they often need to be cleaned a lot more often, and to a greater degree than carpets. With this in mind here are ten tips, we compiled with carpet cleaning experts, which will help you to ensure that your rugs are kept cleaner and last for longer.

Tip #1 Know What Material Your Rug Is Made From: Just as carpets are made from different materials, so are rugs. Each material will require different cleaning methods so ensure you are aware of them and clean each individual rug accordingly.


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