Top 10 Tips On How To Keep Your Rugs Clean

When most people think about carpet cleaning they tend to consider the main carpets that are laid on floors in commercial and domestic premises. However, they often forget that rugs can require every bit as much attention given that they too are subject to foot flow, spillages, and all the other ways in which carpets get dirty and need to be cleaned.

In fact, as many rugs are put in place in order to protect the carpet underneath them, it is not surprising that they often need to be cleaned a lot more often, and to a greater degree than carpets. With this in mind here are ten tips, we compiled with carpet cleaning experts, which will help you to ensure that your rugs are kept cleaner and last for longer.

Tip #1 Know What Material Your Rug Is Made From: Just as carpets are made from different materials, so are rugs. Each material will require different cleaning methods so ensure you are aware of them and clean each individual rug accordingly.

Tip #2: Vacuum As Often As Possible: Vacuuming is essential in helping to remove tiny and hard pieces of grit and other materials. These can cause wear on the rug so regular vacuuming will help to prolong its life.

Tip #3: Use A Low Vacuum Setting: In order to prevent excessive pulling on the rug, and to protect the fringes it is advisable that you use a lower setting on the vacuum than you might on a carpet.

Tip #4: Keep Rugs Out Of Direct Sunlight: You presumably are aware direct sunlight can fade colours on all types of materials, and that applies to those used to make rugs. Where possible, position rugs so they do not have direct sunlight shining on them through skylights and windows.

Tip #5: Straighten Them Out: Apart from the trip danger, folds and curls on rugs not only make them look poor, but they add to the wear on the rug too. They also make them more difficult to clean properly so whenever you see a fold or a curl on a rug, fix it.

Tip #6: Use Rug Cushions Or Pads: Rugs that move when they are walked on wear quicker and are also dangerous given that someone could slip and fall. To avoid this, place rug pads or cushions underneath to keep the rug in place, especially on smooth floor surfaces.

Tip #7: Store Rugs When They Are Not Needed: There may be scenarios when the rug is not required, such as the area or room they are in being out of use. At these times store the rug in plastic wrapping to protect it until it is needed again.

Tip #8: If You Have A Pet Or Pets Use Short Pile Rugs: Shag pile rugs and shaggy dogs (or any other type of pet for that matter) do not go together if you want to keep rugs clean. Instead, use short pile rugs and rugs with darker colours.

Tip #9: Use Washable Rugs As An Option: If you do not need or want large rugs then you might wish to consider using rugs that are machine washable and obviously small enough to fit in a washing machine. 

Tip #10: Use A Professional Carpet Cleaning Company: Just as it makes perfect sense to use professional carpet cleaners to bring your carpets back to looking their best, the exact same principle applies to rugs.