Toys That Speech Pathology Experts Recommend For Speech Delayed Children

One key resource that is used in the field of speech pathology that speech therapists use is toys. We all know that toys play a crucial role in the development of all children, and such is their impact on us, that even as adults we retain that love of playing. As for how toys can help children in speech therapy, many ways exist as to how it can be achieved, but some caveats should be observed.

Now, you might be thinking surely all toys are great for children, and assuming they are safe then that is a reasonable point. However, when it comes to speech pathology and helping children who have speech and language difficulties, more thought is required concerning what toys are used. Outlined below are some examples which have been given by speech pathologists of how and what toys should and should not be used.

‘Open Ended’ Toys: Open-ended toys are those which are timeless in the sense that they have no definitive beginning or end. One example would be building blocks which can be used in any way that the child wishes versus a jigsaw which has a defined end when it is complete. The key principle here is that by being open-ended, the child has greater creative freedom to use them and play with them in any way they wish.


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