Could Your Gym Website Benefit From SEO?

Every gym needs to ensure that it has a steady stream of new members to replace those whose membership lapses and to expand. With the internet being a huge source of those potential members, the specialists at advise that more and more gym owners are turning to SEO to help them gain that online traffic.

What that means is that gyms are hiring SEO agencies and experts to ensure that their website sits at the top spot in the search results when someone types in a relevant search. Achieving this is something that does not happen overnight, and it is true to say that taking a website from nowhere in the search results to one of the top positions takes time and effort.

The important thing to note here is that it can be done, and it can ensure that you never have to worry about where your next new gym member is coming from, ever again. Not only that, but you will be gaining these members, not your competition.

If you have wondered what exactly SEO is, the simple definition is it is the means by which a website is able to rank in the search engine results, and ideally within the top 3 positions, whenever someone types in a specific search. The most used search engine is Google, and it is Google that tends to set the rules and the parameters as to how the rankings are calculated.

Now, Google doesn’t officially publish every specific with regards to ranking, and they also do not give scores to individual websites, so knowing what it will take requires experience, skill, and most of all a significant amount of research.

When looking to rank a local gym, that research will include researching keywords and keyword phrases. These are the possible searches that you would expect those looking for a local gym might type into Google. For example, ‘best gym in east Perth’, or ‘gym in Yarra suitable for women’. These are just two possibilities out of literally hundreds, or even thousands of search terms that a local gym might wish to rank for.

Some of these keywords are likely to be easy to rank for, especially those with low search counts. However, those that are searched a lot will be competitive and more difficult, with regards to trying to get a website to rank for them. That is where an effective SEO strategy comes to the fore and once implemented enables a gym’s website to rank at the top of searches.

Once that happens, the amount of traffic that a gym’s website will receive increases enormously compared to it what would have received previously where it on page 2 or lower of the search engine results. That traffic equals new potential members that are visiting your gym website, and not your competitors.

The huge benefit of implementing an effective SEO plan is whilst the results are not instant, once they do happen, the rankings achieved tend to remain so, and this provides your gym with a long term source of online traffic. Even if your competitors realise you are now outranking them, for them to try to regain top spot will take time, and they have no guarantee of success.

Even more so, due to the fact that you can stay one step ahead by implementing further SEO strategies that can be applied to your gym’s website, which keep your competitors always a ranking position or more below you.