How to Travel with a Pet

Owning a pet is a big responsibility, and even when you desire a luxury Bali villa or five-star resort on an island, you need to consider their needs as well. If you can’t bear the thought of putting your pampered pooch into care while you go on holiday, sometimes you don’t have to. If you think your pet needs a holiday just as much as you do, here’s how you can travel with your pet. It’s challenging, but it’s not impossible.

Study the Laws

Depending on the country you are visiting, you may find that taking your dog with you is not as challenging as you think it will be. While, of course, some countries ban all foreign dogs from visiting due to the risk of disease, some nations have a more relaxed approach. Therefore, to know for sure how catered for your dog will be, do your research.

Find out whether your dog will need to go in quarantine, and if so, for how long. Depending on the length of your holiday or trip away, you may find it’s in your best interests to leave your furry friend in a boarding facility. However, if you intend on being away for several months, it may be worth the effort.

Get a Vet Check

To ensure your dog is in tip-top shape for travel, it’s crucial to take them to see their vet. Most countries that do accept pets will ask to see records of vaccinations and any other health problems or treatments they have also had. Seeing your veterinarian will also give you the opportunity to ask questions and find out whether taking your pet with you is the best decision.

Look for Accommodation

Whether you’re planning on staying in Bali villas, apartments, or hotels, you may find it’s a little harder when you’ve got a furry friend in tow. Therefore, plan your accommodation well in advance. Get in touch with hoteliers to find out whether they welcome pets and see what you need to do for them before your arrival. More accommodation providers are becoming relaxed around allowing pets, so you’ll be surprised at how many will let you bring Rover along.

Consider your Dog’s Temperament

If the thought of relaxing in Bali villas and visiting local tourist hot spots has you excited, then think about whether your pet would be as well. While you may not like the thought of leaving them in a boarding facility, think about their ability to cope with crowded spaces, long flights, and new environments. If your dog rolls with the punches and is happy in any situation, they are probably going to enjoy the holiday as much as you. However, if they’re prone to fretting, keeping them on their home turf could be a far better option for both you and them.

Travelling with a pet can be an exciting adventure, especially if you want them to experience everything you do. However, it’s important to understand not everyone welcomes pets with open arms. Before you begin researching Bali villas and tourist activities to take part in, find out if your pet is going to be as welcome as you are.