7 Top Tips For Maintaining Your Carpets After They’ve Been Professionally Cleaned

One of the aspects of having their carpets cleaned for the first time by professional upholstery cleaning service that many householders may not have previously been aware of is that there is work they need to do, both before and after that carpet cleaning takes place. Before it, they may need to remove furniture from the room, vacuum the carpet, and even arrange for pets to be out of the house during the clean.

Arguably more important than what you need to do before professional carpet cleaning, is what you do afterwards. The reason for this is that those actions can help keep your carpets clean for longer and ensure they are properly maintained. There is a long list of possible actions you might take after professional carpet cleaning, but the seven actions that follow are the most important.

Ensure The Carpet Is 100% Dry

One of the worst mistakes you can make after professional carpet cleaning is to use the room and move furniture back into it, too soon. If the carpet has not fully dried, the issues created can include damage to the carpet, damage to the furniture, and colour transfer.


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