Wearing a Suit in Business

Even though dress codes are starting to relax in business, there are still unwritten rules regarding what is acceptable and what is not.

Every businessman and woman wants to look their best. Many women do this by getting Botox injections to keep those wrinkles at bay and present a more youthful image. While this may work for them, any advantage is negated unless they also dress correctly. Depending on what work environment you work in, the dress code may vary.

Studies have shown that wearing a suit in business offers several advantages: –

  • People tend to look up to someone dressed in a suit because they expect them to have the skills and education needed for the job.
  • A suit denotes authority, so people think of someone dressed in a suit as a person in authority over them.
  • Men who wear suits have been found to do better in negotiation because they are looked up to.
  • Women who dress well in suits are given better service and respect.
  • People who dress well feel good about themselves, so they do better at work.
  • People who don’t wear suits tend to defer to those that do.

While we would all like to think there is no class distinction in society, it is still alive and kicking. It seems hardwired into our brains that people who dress well – in suits – form the upper echelons of society, while those who habitually dress in sweats and T-shirts belong to the lower classes.

This is not always true of course. But in a business setting, those who wear suits have several advantages over those who don’t.

Botox offers women the advantage of a wrinkle-free complexion and thus makes them look younger, which can help them keep a job or get a promotion. But only if you dress appropriately by wearing a suit or other appropriate clothing.

However, anyone can wear a suit and still look terrible. How? The suit must be cut to suit your figure and to fit well, no matter what gender you are. If the suit is too tight and wrinkles show along the arms or upper legs when standing straight, it is too tight.

If it is too loose and baggy, it will make you look shabby and older than you are. It is important to have a tailored design a suit that fits you properly if you are not a stock size. For instance, slim men with broad shoulders will find it challenging to find a suit coat or shirt that fits them across the shoulders without being baggy in the body. But a tailor can draft a pattern to fit by using darts and careful seam placement.