What Do Kids Learn at Child Care Facilities?

It might seem like a child care facility is there to act as a babysitter while you go off to work, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. While it’s true that child care facilities are there to look after your children, they are also there to help them learn, develop, and become ready for school and many of life’s challenges. If you’re looking to enrol your children in a child care centre and you’re not sure what you can expect, here are a few of the many things your children get to experience.

Building Blocks

There are very few children who don’t jump at the opportunity to play with building blocks, but they do more than provide your children with a fun play experience. Building blocks are exceptionally beneficial for preschool children to flex their creative muscles, learn concepts involving mathematics, and learn the basics for height, weight, and measurement of those blocks. Children will learn the difference between building something tall opposed to something that’s wide while having fun at the same time.

Pretend Play

In many child care facilities, there is an area set up for pretend play. Usually, it’s here you can expect to find baby dolls, cots, bottles, high chairs, dress ups, and even kitchen utensils. When your child takes part in pretend play, they are building a warm association between home life and play, while being creative, communicating with other children, and exploring the endless pretend game avenues.

Mat Time

Most child care centres will feature mat time. Typically, this is where all children gather to meet and learn. However, during playtime, it’s also a place to sit, look at books, listen to music, move their bodies and learn timing and story-telling. In this mat time environment, children can also learn how to listen to instructions, join in on dancing activities, and sing.

Art Area

If your child has ever come home with paint on their clothing, you will know they’ve spent time in an art area. Aside from the fun your children can have in such a space, having an area just for art enables your children to get their thoughts on paper while flexing their creative muscles. Typically, these spaces feature felt tip pens, crayons, paint, pastels, chalkboards, clay, and more.

Outside Fun

Playing outside is a fun pastime for most children, but it’s not only enjoyable but beneficial too. From monkey bars and slides through to swings and sandpits, all areas of outdoor play are going to help your children’s development in more ways than one. They can learn communication and social skills, how to share, and how to take risks as well. Children will also learn their boundaries, such as climbing a ladder to a height they’re comfortable with and swinging ever-higher on the swings.

When you enrol your children in a child care facility, it won’t be long until you begin to notice changes in their behaviour and development. Child care is a fantastic opportunity to grow your child in an entirely new environment, so if you’re ready to enrol, begin looking at your options today.