What Sort Of Website Should Your Day Spa Have Created?

In the age of the internet every business, including your day spa needs to have a website. It also needs to be a website that helps increase the number of new clients you gain from your online marketing. The website design experts at www.slinkywebdesign.com.au advise that there are several key functions that a website must perform in order for it to be effective, so let us examine the ones they suggest.

Explain Your Products And Services Fully And Clearly

The quickest way to lose a prospect is to confuse them, and yet we see many websites that make what is being offered sound complicated. Presumably, your day spa offers a number of products and services, and so your website needs to have the details of them, especially the ones you want to promote the most.

Make the explanation as detailed as it needs to be to explain your offers, but do not assume that each prospective customer is going to know all the terminology that you use within the day spa industry, so keep the language simple and easy to understand.

Your Website Must be Easy To Navigate

Many of the people landing on your website will be doing so for the first time, so you want to ensure there is no risk of them becoming confused as that is the quickest way to have them click away.

As well as the layout of your website looking clean and uncluttered, the navigation of it should be simple too. Have a menu on each page so that the visitor can click to whichever section they want to and have a ‘Home’ button on every page.

Gain Trust Immediately

People do business with people and companies they trust so one of the primary goals of your website is to help any visitors feel that they can trust you and your day spa business. This can be done in several ways such  as:

  • Display and awards or certificates your company has won
  • Have testimonials from past clients, ideally with their photo
  • Highlight any local media coverage your day spa has had…as long as it was a positive news story!!!
  • Have a page which outlines the history of the business
  • Include an ‘About Us page with photos and mini-bios of all the staff
  • A page dedicated to explaining the day spa’s customer service guarantees

Your Website Should Embrace Your Branding

Presumably, your day spa has some form of branding which may range from no more than a logo on your marketing literature to your premises, and all the equipment in it, bedecked in your colour scheme. Whichever end of the scale your branding sits, it is important that your website matches it. This will include the colours, the logo, and any other visual elements of the website which clearly identify it as your day spa.

Enable Visitors To Contact You Easily

An obvious goal of your website is to increase client numbers therefore it needs to have an easy way for potential clients to contact you. This could be having your phone number clearly identified on each page, having a ‘Contact Us’ form where prospects can enter their information, or you might incentivise them to enter their email address in return for a free downloadable guide relating to health and beauty.

The ultimate means of contact would be an integrated appointment maker linked to your IT system, whereby prospects could actually make their appointment themselves by entering their details into a form, which would then update your main appointment system.