Why Group Fitness is More Fun Than Just Going to the Gym

Some people may see group fitness as going to the gym. While you are surrounded by people, it’s still quite an isolating activity – you just share a space with others. Gyms are effective for many people, offering a stimulating, encouraging area in which to carry out exercise with expert help on hand.

However, when it comes to the fun factor, solo gym workouts won’t be at the top of the list. Of course, you have access to a lot of different machines and workout equipment you wouldn’t have at home, but it’s not social like other options. That’s why group fitness classes such as BodyBalance are fast becoming popular workout options for men and women. They offer fun, excitement, and so much more. But, why?

It’s Social

As mentioned above, there is nothing wrong with using a gym for exercise, but it’s not a social workout session. Instead, you share a common area with people, but you’re on your own. Group fitness classes such as Sh’Bam, spin cycling, and even boot camp, are entirely social.

You get to meet new people on the same journey as yourself and have a few laughs along the way. What’s more, many people who join group fitness classes say the time passes so much quicker than if they were to exercise alone.

It’s Motivating

When you go to a gym, you’re not there to have fun. Instead, you’re there to work out and utilize all the fantastic gym equipment. In a group fitness environment, the fun you have can work out to be quite motivating. You want to go, work harder, and take part in the healthy competition because you’re enjoying the group motivation and fun environment.

You’re Held Accountable

If you decide to skip a day at the gym, or eat that cake instead of doing more squats, then there is no one to hold you accountable. It’s yourself that suffers, but as you exercise on your own at the gym, no one will tell you that you should have turned up, or put down that cake. In a group fitness session such as BodyAttack, yoga, or even spin cycling, you are held accountable.

If you don’t turn up, your newfound exercise friends will tell you that you should have been there or will chastise you about poor eating choices. Accountability is a significant part of group fitness classes and is one reason why the attendance rate is so high.

It’s okay if you prefer going to the gym on your own, as opposed to joining in on a fitness class. However, have you given one a go to make sure it’ really “not for you”? There are so many reasons why group fitness classes are more fun than solo gym visits, so why not see for yourself?