Why Satin Robes Make the Perfect Bridesmaid Gifts

As your big day looms ever closer, it’s essential to begin thinking about what bridesmaids gifts you will be ordering for the special ladies in your life.  After all, they have put in a significant number of hours to help your day become a success, and without them, your wedding wouldn’t be nearly as stress-free it’s going to be.

A simple search online will see you looking at ever-popular bridesmaids gifts such as satin robes. While they aren’t something you would typically gift friends and family, they are a valid option for a wedding situation. Here’s why.

You Can Customise Them

It can seem a little cheap to head into the city and buy five of the same bridesmaids gifts. The same way a personalised santa sack feels more special for children, a personalised bridesmaid robe does too. In fact, it can even appear as if you spent no time at all sourcing them. However, if you buy bridesmaid robes, you can order them with customisation, so your bridesmaids know you put a lot of thought and effort into them. You can get wording such as “maid of honour” or even their names and the date of the wedding. While the customisation process – and the robes – are affordable, they appear special, unique, and luxurious.

They Look Stunning in Pre-Wedding Photos

If you have booked the full wedding photography package which includes “getting ready” photos, then satin robes are going to look the part. If all your girls are dressed in their robes preparing for the wedding, these can make some excellent shots. What’s more, these pre-wedding sessions are often where a lot of memories are made. Therefore, you can look back on them in the years to come, having a slight chuckle over what happened during those moments.

They Are Multi-Purpose

When you buy satin robes as bridesmaids gifts, your primary reasoning is typically so the girls can wear them during pre-wedding preparation. However, once you’ve said “I do” and the wedding celebrations are over, those same satin robes can then serve another purpose. Your bridesmaids can wear them at home, on holiday, or even when they’re getting out of the shower. It’s the gift that keeps on giving.

They Are Affordable

In a United States nationwide survey in 2010, it was thought that a bride and groom should spend between USD$75 and $150 on bridesmaids gifts. Given that, on average, a bridesmaid spends close to $1,700 of her own money participating in a wedding, it’s a fair assumption that the happy couple should go out of their way to pay a little of that back as a gesture.

However, with so much money on the table for the photographer, celebrant, venue, catering, and more, it can be out of the question to spend that amount of money on each bridesmaid. Luckily, satin robes look expensive but aren’t. You will be able to afford to buy a gown for each member of the bridal party while having money left over for a small gift to accompany it.

Satin robes are luxurious, comfortable, flattering and customisable, but they also don’t break the bank. If you’re looking for a cost-effective yet thoughtful gift for your bridesmaids, consider satin robes.